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Welcome to Island Life Prison Roleplay! Our Server and Forums is under Major Construction, and will be for quit some time, but feel free to Go In Game, and check it out, as we script and Map new things everyday! Feel free to create topics on the forums, and claim your spot in DoC if you want to be a guard! Thanks and enjoy!

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 Money Making 1 [Drug Dealer]

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PostSubject: Money Making 1 [Drug Dealer]   3/7/2013, 3:06 pm

Drug Dealer
How can you make money by being a drug dealer? This is how.

While smuggling drugs, you get ammounts of different types of drugs such as weed, coke, and meth. Depending on how hard it is to get each kind, can depend on the price.

For example, you are twice as likely to get some coke that meth. That means if you have priced a gram of coke for 100 dollars per gram, you would just as easily price meth at 200 dollars per gram. Selling drugs can make you a lot of money for things on commissary.

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Money Making 1 [Drug Dealer]
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