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 Axel Petrov ( Petrov )

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PostSubject: Axel Petrov ( Petrov )   3/8/2013, 2:40 pm

The Story of: Axel Petrov
In a small urban area in the United States was a man. Not very tall, yet not too short either. He goes by the name of Torma Petrov. Torma wasn't of the smart kind either, but he did know one thing. He knew how to manipulate the dollar. This skill eventually lead Torma to the lovely Sue Bacheon. Sue was now a widdow, as her former husband had passed away recently of a heart attack. And so, Torma dicided to lunge victoriously into Sue's life with a solid composition of chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. After all, Torma was a very wealthy man. Soon after Torma made his move, they hit it off at an extremely exponential rate.

3 Year later...

Nearly three years down the road, Torma had decided that it was time to take their relationship to the next level. This new level, was Proposal. So, Torma went out to the nearest jewelry store in search for the most beautiful engagement ring that he had ever set his eyes upon. And he found it. It was a White Gold, 14Kt diamond encrusted symbol of complete astonishment. And so he bought it and went home to Sue. He was quite nervous to present the news to her, but he did so anyway.

He bent down accross his right knee, one arm behind his back, the other extended to take Sue's hand. And once he took hold of her soft, silky hand, she broke out in tears, as she knew what was coming. And she was exited for that, as it seemed.

Torma reached behind his back, taking out the engagement ring and presented it to Sue. And with just a few words such as "Will you marry me", and a swift reply from Sue, "Yes", they were engaged.

18 Months later...

Almost ten months after the wedding, and their honey moon ofcourse, Sue had found a sharp pain in her sides, and a large increase in her weight. Torma was anxious to see what the problem was, so he took Sue in his oldsmobile down six miles to the hospital, where they soon found out the problem. Sue was PREGNANT!

Eight months after they found out the good news, Torma and Sue were sitting by the fireplace eating dinner when Sue suddenly busted out with a cry for help. Torma didn't know what this was, or why Sue was crying out so loudly until he came to her side and slipped in a large puddle of liquid. HER WATER HAD BROKEN! Torma stands up, swiftly picking up his bride and shoving her into the passanger seat of his car and off they went to the hospital. Torma was going to be a father.

2 Hours later...

Two hours later, the doctors brought in Torma and Sue's new baby. It was a boy, so they decided to name their son Axel, after his grandfather. Axel Leroy Petrov. And Axel's life began.

21 Years Later

Almost twenty two years after Axel was born. Axel was a businessesman like his father, and his grandfather were. He owned many different jewlry stores, shoe stores, and pubs. He owned so many that he had enough money to spend almost 10 thousand dollars a day for 6 years and still have some left over.

But, he did not do that, you see Axel was a big fan of criminal justice, and that is why he joined alongside the James Island Prison as a Corrections officer. And that is where he stayed, and that is where he will always be...

That is the story of how Axel Petrov came to be..
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Axel Petrov ( Petrov )
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