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Welcome to Island Life Prison Roleplay! Our Server and Forums is under Major Construction, and will be for quit some time, but feel free to Go In Game, and check it out, as we script and Map new things everyday! Feel free to create topics on the forums, and claim your spot in DoC if you want to be a guard! Thanks and enjoy!

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 Founder Winston Carmichael

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PostSubject: Founder Winston Carmichael   3/3/2013, 5:48 pm

Hello, Welcome to our Island Life Prison Website. Our Prison was founded August 15, 1964, by a man named Winston Carmichael. He was a lovely caring man and felt everyone, even the worst convicted convict had a second chance. So He formed this prison hoping he can make a difference in their Life's if anyone.

Carmichael was 29 when it all started.It all stared on a Cold July morning, there was a lo on the news about corrupt guards at a prison, beating on the prisoners, treating them as if they were worthless and had no will to live. He thought otherwise, he felt they were still people and they just had a rough hard childhood and went wrong. So he begain to think and eventually began researching.
He spent many months researching past prisons, digging as deep as he could in attempt to find how prisons operate, and any dirt he could on how they treated their prisoners. He did not like what he found, not one bit. So He decided to go to college and study Criminal Justice to learn as much as he could. He studied in college and graduated with a Bachelors Degree four years later and decided he wanted to open his own prison.
Carmichael did just that. He spent the next three years, fighting justice, climing his way up to the top to eventually be successfull and he granted his very own Prison on an Abandoned Island outside the City of Los Angelos. He was happier then ever, so he immediatly went and bought a helicopter with all the money he has made over the years, and flew to the Prison to see what he has.
Carmichael was exited when he arrived. The Prison looked brand new, as if it was never used. (It was once used as a small sports wair factory,) So he immediatly hired a crew, and begain to fix the prison up to his own standards which took him nearly a year to Complete.
He was done, he was ready to finally operate his own Prison, but he need a Department of Corrections. So he called his friends up from College when he studied Criminal Justice. Although they did not study it aswell, they were all very close.He had his Department of Corrections and set his prison to be open the next day.

Well, that was a brief explination of our Commissioner Winston Carmichael, although he has recently passed away do to Cancer, the Prison is now equally run buy three indivudals who are not to be named as of now. Thank's again for visiting our website, and I hope I do not see YOU in here any time soon. Thank you for your time and again, if you need any information about how our Prison Operates Please visit .
(( This is a start out story, a new one will eventually be made. )

Credits - Drake Parker, Biography.
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PostSubject: Re: Founder Winston Carmichael   3/7/2013, 2:40 pm

Nice one man Razz

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Founder Winston Carmichael
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