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Welcome to Island Life Prison Roleplay! Our Server and Forums is under Major Construction, and will be for quit some time, but feel free to Go In Game, and check it out, as we script and Map new things everyday! Feel free to create topics on the forums, and claim your spot in DoC if you want to be a guard! Thanks and enjoy!

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 Department of Correction's Rule's and Regulations. [HR read!]

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PostSubject: Department of Correction's Rule's and Regulations. [HR read!]   3/3/2013, 6:33 pm

Recruitment Staff Rules (Captain+)

- When ever you ACCEPT or DENIE an application, you MUST lock that topic and move it to the Archive.
- When ever you ACCEPT or DENIE an Application make sure you use the correct FORMAT.


[b]Dear Applicant,

I regret to inform you, we have completely reviewed your application and deemed it as [color=red]DENIED[/color], you may re-apply in 1 week's time, if Recruitment is open. Thank you for your interested in the Department of Corrections and better luck next time.
Signed, [DoC (Rank) Recruitment Staff (Name)][/b]


[b]Dear Applicant,

I am excited  to inform you, we have completely reviewed your application and deemed it as[color=red]ACCEPTED[/color], you You will now proceed to the Interview stage. You have 24 hours to contact a Captain or Higher of the Recruitment Staff to conduct your interview, failure to do so, will result in a automatic Dismiss.
Signed, [DoC (Rank) Recruitment Staff (Name)][/b]

- Make sure you completely review the Application, and do not ACCEPT or DENIE them because they are your friend or you dislike them.

IF they pass their Interview, you must show them around the DoC headquarters, give them their badge, show them the locker and tell them what they can take and what they cant. (Mace and Nightstick only). Then explain all of our rules and regulations, but they should already know them.

All Employee's.

-Do not disrespect higher ranked members, or risk being demoted or possibly fired.
- Do not post profanity on the website. Be as Responsible as possible, you are representing this Prison and the State.
- Clock in on time, and do not get the wrong equipment out of the Locker, get what fits your Rank or risk being fired or demoted.
-Do not beat on the Prisoners and use the three Tiers.
- Mace
- Night Stick
- Tazer.
Use necessary force, and good judgement of every situation.

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Department of Correction's Rule's and Regulations. [HR read!]
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